Americas Food & Beverage Convention Group Dining

Are you planning on attending the 22nd Annual Americas Food & Beverage Convention in Miami this year? If so, without a doubt, you’ll want to know where you’ll be going for dinner after the event! With all that talk of delicious foods and beverages, it only makes sense that you’ll need some food and drink of your own.

Fortunately, we’ve got good news! One of the absolute best Italian and seafood restaurants is super close to the Americas Food & Beverage Convention, and we’ve got plenty of dishes we know you’ll love! Mercato Della Pescheria is Miami’s #1 Italian and seafood restaurant, and we’ll be open and ready to serve you all through the Food & Beverage Convention.


About Americas Food & Beverage Convention in Miami

The Annual Americas Food & Beverage Convention in Miami is the largest Americas food and beverage focused trade show in the entire Western Hemisphere. And this huge event takes place in Miami — the epicenter of global trade and the well-known Trade Hub of America.

Throughout the Americas, this convention helps increase two-way trade and assists businesses near and far in growing their market. The convention will take place on Monday, October 1stand Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Both days, the event will run from 10am to 5pm. Here’s the address:

1901 Convention Center Drive

Miami Beach, Florida 33139 Hall D

Have questions about the convention? Contact the Show Management Office at 305-871-7910.

About Mercato Della Pescheria

For lovers of Italian food, it doesn’t get any better than Mercato Della Pescheria. Our market-style atmosphere will draw you in and keep you coming back for more. We have over a dozen stations for the food you love, including those for pizza, seafood, pasta, steak, and much more!

Still, rest assured that we come to you where the serving is concerned. There’s no need to head up to the stations deli-style. Our goal is to offer you the very best in both hospitality and delicious food and drink. Choose from our large selection of pasta, pizza, risotto, seafood, and other dishes, and don’t forget to pick a matching wine to go with your dish. We’ve even got the best Italian desserts to top off your meal! After your first visit to see us, we know you’ll be back for more.

At Mercato Della Pescheria, we’re the restaurant you won’t want to miss when you come to town for the Annual Americas Food & Beverage Convention in Miami. Join us soon!