Exploring Espanola Way in Miami Beach

When you enjoy a fine Italian seafood feast at our South Beach restaurant, you’re also soaking up the ambiance of one of the Miami area’s most distinctive thoroughfares: Espanola Way.

A European Village in the Heart of South Beach

South of 15th St. and unspooled between Pennsylvania and Washington avenues, this colorful lane assumed its European-style flavor back in the 1920 thanks to the vision of N.B.T Roney and William Whitman. The architecture and mood were intended to evoke a “historic Spanish village” and summon the spirit of Old World bohemian quarters while serving as a thrumming venue for Miami Beach high society.

Much about South Beach has changed since those days, to say the least, but Espanola Way still manages to evoke Mediterranean accents with its pink building facades, tile roofs, bright awnings, and plentiful palms. The avenue has served as the zesty backdrop for more than a few television shows and movies—little surprise, really, given its unique visual charms.

Your Go-To Spot for Espanola Way Dining: Mercato Della Pescheria

Whether you’re nestled inside or enjoying the South Florida balminess at our outdoor tables, Mercato Della Pescheria provides the ideal perch from which to enjoy Espanola Way’s ample ambiance. Given our Italian-inspired menu—and all the fresh-as-fresh-can-be seafood populating it—our cuisine perfectly matches the vibe. So does our décor, which takes its cues from a traditional Italian marketplace.

Make a Day of It on Espanola Way

Studded these days with art galleries, boutiques, yoga studios, cafes, markets, and a whole slew of restaurants, Espanola Way—a worthy counterpart of Miami Beach’s famed Lincoln Road—invites leisurely strolls and drawn-out wining and dining. Well-populated as it is with diverse businesses, this fantastically walkable drag can happily absorb you for a full afternoon or more—and present more than a few perfect South Beach photo ops throughout with its utterly one-of-a-kind streetscape.

And in between all your gallery-hopping, shopping excursions, and general sightseeing, we’ll serve you up with some spectacular cuisine and the uppermost echelon of service right here at Mercato Della Pescheria.

So come fall under the spell of Espanola Way—it isn’t hard to do—and extend your visit with an exceptional streetside lunch or dinner at our centrally located restaurant!