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Halloween food and drink specials | 2018

Check out this list of food and drink specials for Halloween in Las Vegas:

Virgil’s Skull Shots at Virgil’s Real Barbecue. Tequila, OJ and blood red juice. $7.

Virgil’s Cauldron at Virgil’s Real Barbecue. One gallon. Choice of brew. $46.

Spider Donut at Dunkin’. Orange icing, topped with 8-legged creature.

Freddy Krueger Cocktail at Blue Ribbon. Del Amigo Mezcal, ginger, hot sauce. $17.

Dark N’ Spooky at Cornerstone. Old fashioned. Black sugar rim. $10 ($7 during social hour).

Black Magic at Cornerstone. Black vodka, orange juice & triple sec. $10 ($7 during social hour).

Sweet Poison at Cornerstone. Light rum, coconut rum, blue Curacao and pineapple. $7/$10.

Witches Brew at Cornerstone. Appletini with a twist. $10 ($7 during social hour).

Toasted Marshmallow Smore Beer’tail at  PKWY Tavern. $12.

Boo! Bird ! at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. Ghost pepper BBQ sauce, onion rings, coleslaw. $9.25.

Freaky Lychee at Delmonico Steakhouse. Bourbon and Lychee liquer. $16.

Graveyard Ghoul at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House. Peach schnapps & Irish cream. $16.

Pizza, wine and cheesecake Halloween special at Grimaldi’s. $50.

OREO Donut at Dunkin’. Chocolate icing, crumbled OREO cookies, orange icing.

Pumpkin Spice Cake at SkinnyFATS. Gluten free. $4.20.

Booo Cheezeburger at SkinnyFATS. Bacon, bleu cheese, pumpkin aioli. $13.95.

Hallowaffle at SkinnyFATS. Pumpkin-spiced waffle, salted caramel ice cream. $7.95.

Candy Corn Cake at Freed’s Bakery. Swirls of orange and yellow buttercream frosting. $47.34.

Smoking Cauldron Cake at Freed’s Bakery. $81.35.

Mummy Cake at Freed’s Bakery. Wrapped in fondant featuring candies & festive sprinkles. $81.35.

Once Bitten Cocktail at Cabo Wabo Cantina. Bacardi Cuatro, St. Germain, ginger beer. $13.

Dark Knight cocktail at Shiraz. Absinthe, Sloe Gin Plymouth, Sweet Vermouth. $13.

Boozy Bat Cocktail at Therapy. Bourbon, dark chocolate liqueur, brandy/cognac, Guinness. $10.

Toxic Zombie at Sugar Factory. $40.

Lollipop Brew at Sugar Factory. Fruit juices, gummy eyeballs & brains & more.  $40.

Monster Mash Milkshake at Sugar Factory. Vanilla milkshake, green white chocolate mug, candy eyeballs, candy corn. $19.

Acqua di Vida (Water of Life) at Mercato Della Pescheria. Malibu rum, Don Q rum, blue Curacao, pineapple juice, black cherry garnish. $15.