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Mercato Della Pescheria – Best Happy Hour in Vegas near The Venetian

If you’re looking for a great deal on top-quality eats and drinks and you’re anywhere near the iconic Venetian, we invite you to come take advantage of our Mercato della Pescheria Happy Hour!

It’s on offer each day from 3 to 6 PM, so make a beeline to our Italian restaurant and enjoy some of the highest-value cuisine and libations in town.


Happy Hour at Mercato della Pescheria

What exactly does this happiest hour of the day entail here at Mercato della Pescheria? How about a decked-out $7 menu of festive drinks and some downright irresistible antipasti ideal for sharing?

Those small plates include our Crispy Calamari (Calamari Croccanti), which comes lightly breaded with a rustic-style tomato sauce; our lavish Mercato Oyster Plate; our Seafood Croquettes (Crochette Di Pesche), panko-coated with Calabrian aioli; our smashed olives tossed with fresh citrus and chili oil (Olive Condite Agli Agrumi); and more.

To go along with your tasty bites, you’ve got a goodly slice of our expansive bar menu of adult beverages to choose from. Wet your whistle with a Peroni or Bud Light on draft, or choose from a sturdy lineup of bottled beers. We also serve a fine selection of both red and white wines on our Happy Hour menu.

Then there are the $7 cocktails, always a hit and very often just what the doctor ordered on a jampacked or stressful day. They include a whole family of martinis—from the Limoncello Drop to the Cosmopolitan—as sell as such hand-crafted Mercato della Pescheria mixed drinks as our Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Moscow Mule, and Mediterranean Gin & Tonic.

Throw in some Prosecco-based goodness—Mimosas, Bellinis, and Rossinis—and you’re not going to go thirsty here during Happy Hour, that’s for sure.

(Hey, speaking of Prosecco: Maybe consider making Happy Hour at Mercato della Pescheria here in Vegas part of your plans for August 13th, which happens to be none other than National Prosecco Day! We’ve got you covered for duly observing this obviously all-important occasion, and if you can swing a Happy Hour deal for it, all the better, right?)

Join Us at the Mercato della Pescheria Table for the Best Happy Hour on the Las Vegas Strip

Come join us between 3 and 6 PM for the Mercato della Pescheria Happy Hour, a highpoint of any day and yours to enjoy right here at The Venetian in St. Mark’s Square!