National Drink Wine Day in South Beach, Miami

Here at Mercato Della Pescheria Miami, we take it upon ourselves to remind our customers about important dates of the year—a service we’re honored to provide. And thus we feel compelled to provide a humble heads-up about a forthcoming observance you’ll definitely want to mark on your calendar: National Drink Wine Day!


That’s right: There’s a national day for that, though of course in Italy they probably laugh at the notion of singling out any particular day for the celebration of this nectar of the gods.

National Drink Wine Day falls on February 18th, and while we certainly concur that wine is one of those pleasures one should enjoy year-round, we also think: well, why not give wine-drinking a genuine day in the sun?

We invite you to observe National Drink Wine Day with us here at Mercato Della Pescheria along Espanola Way in South Beach: We’re really the perfect spot to do it, so make your reservations today!

Wine in Italy

True grape wine was enjoyed in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, but didn’t arrive in Italy till about 800 B.C., when the Greeks brought vines to Sicily. For centuries winegrowing remained mostly a Southern Italy deal, but during Roman times it gradually spread northward—and grew more and more sophisticated. The Romans hugely advanced viticulture, for instance perfecting techniques for aging wine without turning it into vinegar.

After the fall of Rome, winemaking experienced something of a lull in Italy, though the tradition continued across Europe in the Christian Church. During the Renaissance, Italian viticulture once again took off, particularly in Tuscany.

Nowadays, Italy reigns as the world’s largest producer (and one of the world’s largest consumers) of wine, and, while Tuscany and Piedmont are the biggest viticultural provinces, grapes are grown all over the country.

Celebrate National Drink Wine Day at Mercato Della Pescheria This February 18th!

You won’t find a better spot in South Beach to toast National Drink Wine Day than Mercato Della Pescheria. Our wine list is a great big ocean of reds and whites: dominated, naturally, by Italian varieties, but also featuring plenty of international standouts from California, France, and elsewhere.

And of course you needn’t savor that vino all by its lonesome: We have a full menu of Italian-inspired delicacies, from seafood to pasta, with which to accompany your chosen National Drink Wine Day grape.

Make your reservations for a wine-focused meal at Mercato Della Pescheria this February 18th—we’re looking forward to celebrating with all of you!