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OFFPRICE Show & Sands Expo Group Dining

If you’re cruising for unbeatable deals at this year’s OFFPRICE Show at the Sands Expo Convention Center here in Las Vegas, we invite you to fuel up just a stone’s throw away here at Mercato Della Pescheria. We’re literally right next door to the Sands, so you don’t have any excuses—and you’re going to be very happy you stopped by, once you try our homerun-delicious Italian fare.



This year’s OFFPRICE Show goes down from Saturday, August 11th through Tuesday, August 14th on the Lower Level of the Sands Expo Convention Center. Here you’ll find amid better than 1,000 vendor booths all manner of apparel, accessories, footwear, and more at 20 to 70 percent below wholesale prices. In other words, some incredible savings are afoot at the OFFPRICE Show, which explains why so many retailers flock here in absolute droves.

Don’t presume that such markdowns mean all the items on offer at OFFPRICE are defective (aka “irregular,” in industry speak). The majority of products actually fall into the overrun category—that is, excess, but top-quality, orders resulting from overproduction of one kind or another—or are similarly high-quality closeouts, leftovers after designs are changed or stemming from botched deliveries.

And even the “irregular” items are by no means all dramatically messed-up: It’s often something as inconsequential as a logo placed on the wrong side of a garment, or an improper color used in stitching.

The Special Benefits of the Tradeshow Experience

Sure, there are many online portals through which to obtain overrun, closeout, or irregular clothing items, shoes, and accessories. But there’s a clear advantage to the OFFPRICE Show experience: At such a tradeshow, you can actually pick up and feel the products for sale, scrutinizing them closely and ensuring they match their description or your own retail needs. The Internet’s a great thing, obviously, but when it comes to this sort of interchange nothing beats hands-on, tactile, up-close inspection.

Dining at Mercato Della Pescheria During the 2018 OFFPRICE Show

Whether you’re a vendor or a shopper at OFFPRICE, take that wheeling-and-dealing-inspired appetite of yours to Mercato Della Pescheria mere steps from the Sands Expo Convention Center. Come join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, savoring fresh seafood, handmade pasta, Josper Grill-cooked meat, and other Italian-inspired dishes, backed up by a superb wine and cocktail list.

We’re perfectly set up for private and group dining, as well, in case you’re bringing a crew from the OFFPRICE showroom to our restaurant.

Make your reservations at Mercato Della Pescheria today so you’re all set in the world-class dining department for this year’s OFFPRICE Show at the Sands!