Tableside Tiramisu & Service in South Beach, Miami

You’ve just finished an exceptional, multicourse lunch or dinner here at Mercato Della Pescheria, delighting in the ambience of an authentic Italian seafood market and in the exquisite service our Espanola Way eatery is known for.

What next—call it a night? Why, of course not! There’s still dessert—and we whip up some masterful ones here.

One of the crown jewels of the Mercato Della Pescheria dessert menu—and easily a highlight of any meal here—is our tiramisu: signed, sealed, and delivered, delightfully, via a tableside presentation.

Dating from the mid-20th century and now one of the most popular Italian desserts in the world, tiramisu invites you with its name alone: It translates to “pick me up.” That also rather describes the effect of its luscious concoction, which you’ll see elegantly woven together by a skillful server.

The Making of Mercato Della Pescheria’s Tableside Tiramisu

A lineup of Savoiardi Ladyfingers—the sumptuous biscuits that hail from the 15th-century Duchy of Savoy court—gets a dousing to die for in the first step: a pourover of Italian espresso and Kahlua. That alone would be delicious enough, but there’s more to this confectionary masterpiece: Next, the biscuit/coffee/rum mélange gets submerged in a mouthwatering marinade of Mascarpone, that tried-and-true Italian cream cheese.

There’s one more—and very critical—step to the Mercato Della Pescheria tiramisu: a hearty sprinkling of Italian cocoa powder to top the whole, luxuriously doused masterpiece.

Tableside Tiramisu at Mercato Della Pescheria: Dazzling Dessert

The tableside presentation is elegant, the dessert a work of art—the whole affair the ideal topping, you might say, for a gastronomic journey through Italian cuisine courtesy of the Mercato Della Pescheria kitchen. We hope you’ll consider giving our tableside tiramisu a try: You certainly won’t regret it, and it might just be the sort of sweet sensation that ends up haunting (happily) your dreams to come.

Other Enticements from the Dessert Menu at Mercato Della Pescheria Miami Beach

We’d be remiss, though, not giving a brief shout-out to the other wonders of the Mercato Della Pescheria dessert roster. You can also enjoy our Torta al Cioccolato (our heaping six-layer chocolate cake), our Torta di Formaggio (our ricotta cheesecake stocked with sun-ripened strawberries), our Gelati e Sorbetto Assortiti (our selection of Italian gelato and sorbet), or—looking a little closer to home for dessert inspiration—our version of a Key Lime Pie, made with an authentic Key West recipe.