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Wedding Receptions & Events at Las Vegas Restaurant

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas? A good choice: The Entertainment Capital of the World is a fabulous place to tie the knot, whether you’re looking for a great big lavish ceremony or a smaller-scale sort of affair. You can find venues of any sort in this thrilling town, not to mention unparalleled wedding activities: from the famous stage shows and concert residencies to classic casino fun and hopping pool clubs and lounges.

Nearly as important as the saying of the vows, of course, is the wedding reception, and for that we’d like to offer our authentic Italian and seafood restaurant, Mercato della Pescheria, as the perfect Vegas Strip venue!

Wedding Receptions at Mercato Della Pescheria

Situated here at The Venetian in St. Mark’s Square, Mercato della Pescheria provides a convenient location and gorgeous, well-appointed facilities for a Las Vegas wedding reception. We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Grand Shoppes Canal bridge—a natural spot for wedding photos and other festivities—and, of course, the romantic gondolas plying the Venetian waters.

We boast a full spectrum of private reception spaces, from small and intimate to capacious dining rooms hosting up to 400 guests in a banquet setup or 800/1100 in a reception one.

You can choose from various Mercato della Pescheria wedding packages, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Cocktail Reception menus. Rest assured that this will be some of the finest cuisine—and some of the finest ambience—you’ll be able to find in Las Vegas for this biggest of big days.

Reserve a Las Vegas Wedding Reception at Mercato Della Pescheria

We’d love to find out more about your specific needs and desires for a wedding reception in Las Vegas. Simply fill out our Mercato della Pescheria Request for Proposal (RFP) form here at the website, and we’ll follow up with you in short order.

Our goal, naturally, is to provide you with the sort of wedding culinary experience and celebration that matches your every expectation. We’re ready to work with you to make your extra-special wining and dining experience here exactly right!

Get in touch with us today and share some of the details of your upcoming Las Vegas wedding, and we’d be more than happy to discuss how we can hit all the right notes for you in the reception department here at Mercato della Pescheria!